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Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme!


Follow me on Twitter: chat me up, send me messages, stay tuned to my witty repartee, and blog posts at @OlgaWB. To be honest, I’m not the best at Twitter, but I’m trying. Or will try in the near future.


Want a more personal chat contact me at or use this contact form.


I LOVE receiving real mail! If we’re friends IRL or at the very least online friends, ask for my mailing address, I’d love to open my mailbox and find a letter or a postcard (I especially like postcards). That would truly make my day.


There’s always the super juggernaut of social networking: search for Olga Wolstenholme (that’s me!) or like the Mimi Paris Facebook page if you would prefer (p.s. you can always do both).


I’m also sporadically on Instagram @wosltenholmeolga. I feel like I should change that handle, because holy shit, long!


I like the ocean. I might just stumble upon your message in a bottle. Stranger things have happened, like the show Stranger Things. There’s something really romantic and magical about the idea about finding a message from a stranger out in the wild. Although, I wouldn’t recommend throwing trash in the ocean.



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