Viva Las Day Of The Dead

Miss Lucky Hell Cat

I really love these Elvis busts by Miss Lucky Hell Cat (from Etsy). The top one is my favorite. I bought it as a present for one of my friends. He loves it, and so do I. I love giving presents to people, especially when it’s something I absolutely love. It makes it hard, haha, because the best presents are things I would love for myself. The joy of giving. It’s cool to know someone so well that you know exactly what to give them to brighten up their day.



Since I´m norwegian I thought that it´s about time that I blog about something norwegian. I found this floating sauna online at Openbuilding. (The quotes are also from here) The sauna is located in Hardangerfjorden, which is one of the most popular fjords in Norway.

What you can see here is a Finnish sauna room, which can be heated up to 90 C. You can also do it during wintertime, when it´s -20 C outside. A sauna is enjoyed by sitting on the wooden benches throwing cold water at the heated stones.

“Sweat and silence, mental purification and physical maintainance. Anchored in the middle of the fjord, a level of privacy is maintained for bathers. Little winter daylight comes through transparent walls. At night sauna shines as a floating lantern. Access with rowing boat only. Descending swimming straight through the floor of water. Using any kind of soap is prohibited due to…

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Audiowood Turntables

Chipmunk TurntableAudiowood

Crazy expensive, for me anyhow, but pretty, and I really dig the name “Audiowood.”

Custom TurntableAudiowood

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