A Little Info About Olga Wolstenholme (That’s Me!)

998835_10100528799863441_1094073736_nMy name is Olga (obviously), I hail from the great country of Canada, but you can find me all over this virtual world of ours. I’m a blogger, writer, craft mistress extraordinaire, and all around… (I’ll get back you when I know how to finish that sentence).

I live in the country with my cat, Minmin, in an old house full of crazy, odd, and wonderful knickknacks. I’m sure you’ll see lots of both of them (my home and my  cat) as I practice with my new camera (I need a new camera STAT).

P.S. Introduce yourself in the comment section of my blog posts, I like interacting with readers. That’s the fun part about blogging, is it not?

What’s In A Name?

A year ago, I found myself at a crossroads or sorts. I was living in Montréal in a great apartment, but I wanted change. I told my landlord I was moving out at the end of June. I was looking for a place to stay in a new part of the city, but I couldn’t find anything to my liking or in my price range. I was thinking of leaving the city all together, and going somewhere where I had never been. Cities that kept entering my mind where Halifax and Vancouver. Suddenly, I found myself unemployed and my options greatly reduces in scope.

The end of June was fast approaching and I was still juggling with many options: should I go back to school, should I get a shitty job and stay where I was, should I move to the country and focus on my writing?

One night I went to see the burlesque group the Dead Dolls Dancers perform at Café Cleopatra (the home of misfit performers and the first bar in Montréal that created a home for transgender people) for its 35th anniversary. One of the guests was a waitress that had worked at Café Cleopatra back in its hay-day. Her nickname was Mimi Paris. The name stuck.

A little while later, I was twisting and turning, in bed, unable to sleep, trying to find a way out of the situation I had found myself in (broke and soon to be without a roof over my head). What should I do with my life? I studied Drama at Queen’s University and had worked in their costume department, and although I never pursued that line of work actively after graduation thoughts of starting a theatre company, throwing myself into costume and set design always lingered in my mind.

Somehow, the name Mimi Paris and dreams of theatre sparked an idea in mind. I pictured a vintage shop on the groovy streets of Montréal filled with special finds and original designs created by myself and other wonderful clothing and jewelery designers that populate the streets of the sin city of the north. I saw it perfectly in my mind. The shop would feature an atelier in the back where I would focus on custom designs for burlesque performers and theatre practitioners.

I was really excited for about a day, but the reality of my situation wasn’t appropriate to fulfill this dream just yet. I ended up moving to the country and pursed such fields of work as teaching and freelance writing. I spent most of last winter indulging myself in crafts: knitting, beading, embroidery, card making, etc, and the idea of Mimi Paris was resurrected in blog form.

What You Can Expect From Mimi Paris

I will be blogging about crafts, diy, vintage, fashion, costumes, burlesque, photography, cupcakes… Basically, anything that can be made.

You’ll get to see what I’m creating and making these days. I’ll feature tutorials, my own and fun ones I find around the craft-o-sphere.

I eventually want to open up a Etsy store where you’ll be able to purchase the various things I’ll be crafting. I’ve got lots of ideas, and this blog is just the beginning. 


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  1. I feel like you cat must have an identity crisis sometimes because it can’t figure out if it is a car or a monkey. 😛

  2. I feel like no matter what you initially name your cat, it will change at some point. Either the cat acknowledge the name or you add/shorten it or whatever.

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