Pastel Blue Hair

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I’ve dyed my hair a handful of different funky colors in my teens, back when I was a teen. Like I mentioned recently, I’m trying to let my hair grow out to get rid of the dyed brown my hair is currently covered with. And even though I still want to grow it out, I’m really tempted to try these new pastel colors that I’ve been seeing everywhere. I’m trying to think of a way my hairdresser could incorporate some of these light blue, light pink, light silver highlights in my hair without touching the part that has already grown out. I tried searching for images of hair where the only the tips were dyed, but I didn’t find anything that appealed to me. I’ll keep thinking (any advice?)… Meanwhile, I’m absolutely in love with this girl’s hair.

Via Google image search – Give me a heads up if you know the actual source.


3 responses to “Pastel Blue Hair

  1. Autumn

    Hi, I dunno you but I happened to stumble upon your blog (I was trying to figure out how to take a dark blue dye and turn it into a pastel blue because aparently no one sells pastel blue anywhere) anyway, you could try dying your hair like this

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