Beautiful Silver Hair

There’s been a trend lately, or actually sometime last year, where young women where dying their hair silver. It’s actually a pretty striking color on a lot of women.

I got my first few strands of silver hair when I 19, or there abouts, and by the time I was 24 it was actually quite noticeable. I had experienced with different hair colors all through my teens, and now that I wanted my natural hair color back, it was turning gray on me. I kind of liked it at first, but when I returned to school after a four years hiatus and some kid told me he thought I was 32, I decided to start dying it again.

I’m 30 now, and I’ve been covering my gray hair for the past 6 years. That means dying the roots every month if not more. I’m kind of sick of the whole process. Dying your hair is cool is your having fun doing it, not when it becomes this chore you associate with covering some kind of “negative” quality. So, for the last few months I’ve stopped dying my hair.

I have a few inches of silver roots all over my head, especially in the front. The rest of my hair is dark brown. I don’t know if I’ll let it all grow out. For now, it’s kind of an experiment. I want to see what I would look with all my gray hair.  Once it’s long enough that I can get a descent idea of what it look like on me, I’ll decide whether I want to dye it again or if I want to cut all the dye out of my hair.

That being said, it kind of looks like shit right now, because growing out dyed hair just never looks good, but I really like the look of silver hair on this girl (and on loads of other women). I think it’s beautiful. Plus, she made a cute tutorial video for the up-do she’s sporting in these photos. Check it out. I dig the whole aesthetic and her big gold earrings.

Via Love Aesthetics


6 responses to “Beautiful Silver Hair

  1. I think you should flaunt what nature is giving you…as Queen Latifah says… WORK IT! You can so work that!!! I am 56 and there are about 5 strands of silver hair on my head…okay, you must be the one with all my silver hair!!! Lol…go on girl…go natural…it doesn’t make you look old…that young man just said that because of the old societal “crap”… Can’t say it enough! You are beautiful as the natural you!!!

    big hugz

    • Thanks, I’ll try to keep that in mind. Haha, I just wish that hair grew faster, so I could get rid of the skunk stripe effect sooner, but I’m trying too to complain or fixate too much on it. Although, I must admit, every day when I look in the mirror, I’m always checking to see how much it has grown. No wonder I feel like it’s not growing very fast. There’s not much difference from day to day.

  2. L

    My hair is now 3/4 of the way grown out. I stopped dyeing it in July. Some days I hate it other days I don’t really mind. I have yet to find myself actually loving it, though. Still. I haven’t dyed it in 7 months, which is pretty amazing.

    On a side note, I’m 30 and I started to get greys at 13. Runs in my family. Unfortunately.

    • You’re almost there! I bought a shampoo and conditioner called “Light Blue Shade” the other day. It’s supposed to make the hair more silver and less brassy/dull. I’ve only tried it once so far, so I can’t really tell ya if it works or not.

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