In Love With Skulls

I’m really digging skulls these days, especially these beautiful embroidered gems from artist Nicola de Jager.

Here’s an excerpt from an interview:

Calavera has evolved from a love of art, colour and tattoos. Each piece begins once I have stitched up the eyes. I like to see it as a birthing process, there is no clear idea of what I would like each one to look like, once the eyes are in place they form a personality and so I choose the remaining colours, mouth and nose elements, etc. I use a combination of hand embroidery and beading. Every item is unique and produced entirely by hand. I am not a fan of mass production so time is not of the essence when producing each skull.

I want to change people’s perceptions about skulls, instead of the fear we feel I want to invoke a smile from the viewer. And if by looking at one of my skulls, you cannot help but smile then I have achieved my objective.

Click here to read the rest of the interview on Handsome Things.

P.S. Calavera means skull in Spanish.

click images to enlarge

Via and Calavera facebook page


4 responses to “In Love With Skulls

  1. Your little post script on calavera meaning skull in Spanish reminded me of one of those terrible translation mistakes that companies make sometimes.

    Pepsi made a campaign about how rejuvenating a Pepsi was or something along those lines. Well when they translated it to Spanish it said the Pepsi raised the dead. haha

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