Two Star Hearts Joined Together

Two Star HeartsSelflesh

I never read my horoscope (unless it’s Rob Brezsny and his free will take on astrology) or get readings done, because I’ve had a bad experience once and I don’t want to be unduly influenced.

I think reading astrological descriptions of certain signs can be fun and all that, but I generally dislike it when people say things like “oh, it’s because you’re a Taurus” or “I’m a Pisces and he’s a Virgo so of course it’s a disaster.” I pretty much believe that kind of thinking is rubbish, or really an excuse. Like, let’s blame it on the star I was born under instead of taking responsibility for my thoughts and actions, but that’s just my cynical side.

My whimsical side (yes, I said whimsical), thinks this embroidered custom print of you and your lover’s astrological signs mapped out in an anatomiccally correct (for the most part) heart and then attached together at various points with red embroidery thread is hella cute.

Ooooh, and this Etsy store just happens to be offering a deal for Valentine’s Day: “To celebrate Valentine’s day I am offering 20% off ALL anatomical heart prints, originals and custom pieces. Use coupon code : VALENTINE12 *This offer is good until 2/14/12.”

The one picture below just happens to be the heart of a Taurus, which I am, so that rocks.

P.S. Click on images for larger versions.


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