I’ve Got a Thing For Succulents

These succulent shell planters are totally rad! Check out the tutorial via in words & pictures.

It’s crazy, because I have this HUGE folder of bookmarked craft projects and ideas and it sorting through them all, I’ve just been posting them here. Hopefully, I’ll be showing you guys some of my own projects soon. I have a few things in the works.

What’s funny, is that I knitted a bunch of cool stuff before X-Mas, but ended up giving it all away before taking any pictures. Total bummer, but I’ll be making more stuff soon and I’ll make sure to take some pictures.

In the meantime enjoy the rest of these amazing succulent shell planters! Speaking of which, the huge succulent plant I had in my bathroom died on me. These babies don’t need that much water, but they do need some care. So negligent of me… I have to start taking better care of my plants.


2 responses to “I’ve Got a Thing For Succulents

  1. Those little shell/succulent planters are so cool! I have a large conch shell planted with a few kinds of succulents, but this is a nice way to have a ‘little nursery’ going to get new plants started. I actually have friends with a beach house, these would make nice hostess gifts!

    Thanks for sharing. Oh, and succulents are very forgiving, so this is a nice way to rejuvenate your older plants too.

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