What I Want For Valentine’s Day!

Break it to use it – Studio Kahn

I don’t think you need to be in a relationship with someone to give them a Valentine’s Day gift. I do it all the time. Any holiday (any day for that matter) is a good holiday to give someone a gift, a card, a quick email, whatever… just to make them feel loved and special.

Actually, I’m not seeing anyone and I don’t expect anyone will send this to me for Valentine’s Day, but I like the idea. So why not ask whoever, the universe, myself, the blog-o-sphere for something I’d really like. In reality, I want to buy myself this little beauty one of these days and I just wanted an excuse to share how freakin’ rad this necklace is.

You see, it’s a heart, but you have to break it to wear it. You have to break it to make it whole again. It’s a nice metaphor for love, don’t you think? Or is that an analogy? I never get those two right.

What it looks like before you break it.

Break a heart to make it whole; clever. I also like the packaging.

When you break it, a chain comes out from the two broken points, the heart forms a whole with magnets and voila you’ve got a necklace. Magnets. Another cool metaphor for love. Or was that an analogy?

See how it works; visit the Etsy shop. They also sell it with a shorter chain.


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