Tangled Up In Blue

We usually spend Christmas at my Mom’s, but her boyfriend found out he has cancer just before the Holidays and he wasn’t able to travel, so my brother (his family) and I went to my Mom’s boyfriend’s place for Christmas. I was a little nervous at first. Not sure why. I guess I have a hard time with change and the Holidays can be a little emotional during the best of times, and I was afraid… I don’t know… that it would be too much, but I’m really glad I went.

It was really nice and I had a good time. My Mom’s boyfriend, Michel, lives in the woods, I spent a lot of time walking in the forest with my brother and Michel’s dog. My brother had this incredible sense of direction in the woods. It’s really amazing. As soon as I started thinking we were lost the house would be right around the corner.

It’s funny, because I bought him a wilderness survival book for Christmas and when I gave it to him, even though he liked it, he laughed and said I needed it more than him.

I took a lot of pictures while we were there and I really like this particular set. Over the course of the evening I would step outside to have a smoke (yes, I smoke, don’t judge) by myself. There was this one tree right beside the house that had a string of Christmas lights strewn around it and a snow covered bicycle leaning against the trunk.

These aren’t award winning photographs or anything, but there’s something about the blue lights, the snow, and ice that I really like.


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