Knitting Projects – Etsy Patterns

If you haven’t guessed yet, I’m a little obsessed with Etsy. I don’t have a credit card, and it’s way too easy buying from Etsy when you have a paypal account.

Anyhow, winter is coming, which always puts me in the mood to start crafting projects.

One, I like making things.

Two, the things I make can find good homes disguised as Christmas presents.

After my Etsy spending spree the other day, I had a little under 20$ left in my paypal account. For some reason, I really wanted to spend everything I had.

If I was going to go on a spending spree, I was going to do it properly: until there was nothing left to spend.

I didn’t have anything on my favorites’ list that was under 20$ (if you included shipping fees), but then I remembered you can buy PDF patterns on Etsy, which are relatively cheep and don’t have shipping fees, because all you have to do is email someone the PDF file and if anyone actually charged for that they would be bat shit crazy.

All that to say, I bought the following knitting patterns:

Honeybee ScarfletteCornflower Blue Studio

Coffee CozyCornflower Blue Studio

Retro Lady Ear Warmer Turban HeadbandCornflower Blue Studio

Yellow Mustard Intricate ScarfBy Sol Yarn Patterns

Let’s hope my knitting skills are up to par, especially for that last one. I foresee a lot of swearing and unraveling.


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