And the Shopping Spree Continues…

So I bought  a new camera. I really wish I had remembered about that 200$ check I gave my dentist before making this purchase, because the next few weeks are going to be  little tight, and my phone bill will have to wait a little while longer… but what’s done is done and I’m pretty happy my new camera. I needed something compact that I could carry around with me all the time. Unlike my other camera, which is way to big to carry around unless I’ve got a specific project in mind.

I was reading my friend Liz’s blog earlier today, and she also recently bought herself a little compact camera. I agree with her reasoning for the purchase:

There were too many moments over the past year where I would stop and wish I had a camera. That cynical post-modernist argument that every photo has been taken and what’s next and all that rubbish is meaningless in the face of a decisive moment. That moment will never happen twice and the likelihood of capturing it is vastly increased the more often you have a camera by your side. I don’t have an iphone or any sort of apps or filters, I don’t even know how to use one. But a decent little camera does me just fine.

To justify buying a new camera she also vowed to carry it around with her everywhere she goes. Not a bad idea. I think I would feel worse about having to wait to pay my phone bill if I didn’t put this little beauty to use in the meantime.

Here’s what it looks like from all sides:


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