DIY Crane and Heart Origami Cards With Doily Envelops

I made these crane and heart origami cards last Sunday. The inspiration for which came from West Coast Origami (their cards are for sale on Etsy). I really like the West Coast Origami mini cards, so I decided to make my own. I made a big one for my Dad on father’s day (not pictured here) and a few more mini ones (one of which I gave to my brother for his 35th birthday).

Only three cards remain… Are you feeling lucky? Who will get one in the mail (as soon as the damn strike is over)? Who, I ask you? Who?

Making the cranes was easy, it’s the only origami form I know by heart and it’s also my favourite. I didn’t know how to make an origami heart, so I googled it for some instructions.

The rest was pretty simple. 1. Buy some cardstock paper, cut, and fold in half. 2. Make the origami cranes and hearts. 3. Get some glue and go wild. Easy as pie!

The doily envelops were a little more of a pain in the ass to make. I mean, in theory it’s very simple. 1. Buy some paper doilies. 2. Fold three edges, glue them together, leaving one flap open. BUT, gluing a surface that has holes in it proved more difficult than I originally thought. The glue kept going through the holes making the surface I was using super sticky… Argh, and my fingers kept getting really sticky and it was difficult not to rip the doilies (the paper was really fragile). And then as it was drying, the envelop kind of had to remain opened so it wouldn’t glue to itself. Pain in the ass, I say, but they DO make cute envelops. So all in all… not bad.

Sorry, the pictures aren’t the best… Man, and I really wish I had been more careful with that glue. Lessons for next time, I suppose… Don’t you think those envelops would be perfect for wedding invitations? I do.

Speaking of weddings, Elsie of A Beautiful Mess (I’m slightly obsessed) recently got married. She’s been blogging about it a lot, and I just recently saw her wedding video. It’s the cutest wedding ever. It made me tear up a little, that’s right, I’m not ashamed to admit it… I cried watching a strangers wedding video. Shit happens.

Don’t be afraid, watch it, it’s amazing!


5 responses to “DIY Crane and Heart Origami Cards With Doily Envelops

  1. Thank you! I’m honoured that you were inspired and from one of the things that I made.

  2. Beautiful World

    Very good idea, hope to embody more value out of products, from China’s blessing!

  3. Leo

    Hi xoxo. are you Franch? you are so creative. You are pretty also.

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