Ten Things I Love Sunday!

1. Hanger Lamp with Tutorial

Design Sponge

I would be consistently paranoid that the shirt would catch fire, but it looks awesome.

2. Bugs Made Out of Human Hair

Bringing Design Home

Such attention to detail. Cool and just a little creepy.

3. Wallflowers with Tutorial

Amuse Bouche

This is so beautiful and I love plants!

4. Framed Thread Holder with Tutorial

Grey Luster Girl

I need to make myself one of these.

5. Paperboard Mystery Message with Tutorial

Flax & Twine

Cute! Who wouldn’t love getting this in the mail. I know I would. Hint. Hint.

6. 2011 Printable Calendar (Including Lunar Phases)

A Number of Things

This calendar is beautiful and I love that it includes the lunar phases. Must print soon.

7. Rolodex Scrapbook with Tutorial

Fossil Life Style

Great idea to keep some pics and memories in one place. It looks cool too. Now, where can I find an old Rolodex…?

8. “Kokedama” Hanging String Garden with Tutorial

Design Sponge

Most awesome thing ever. A hanging string garden… Swoon.

9. Sewing Kit in a Jar with Tutorial

Funky Time

Cute little sewing jar. Would make a good present for mom, or would be a great way to keep things organized in your craft room.

10 Dinosaur Planter

Crazy Couture

By now, I’m sure you can tell that I love plants! These dinosaur planters from Etsy actually come with the succulents. I wonder how they ship them? I sooo want one though!

Happy father’s day everyone!


6 responses to “Ten Things I Love Sunday!

  1. Annemiek

    I am getting a bit obsessed with altering a rolodex. I saw the one in this post and it says there is a tutorial on the website as well. But though I must have clicked every link, I can’t find it. Do you happen to have the right URL?

  2. Olga Wolstenholme

    Sorry about that, I tried looking for it, but they most of removed it from their site or something. Try googling for similar projects. I know, great advice, right. Sorry, I couldn’t be more helpful.

  3. Hey, your post finally “pinged” back to our site. Thanks for featuring our little hair bugs. They are so cool and yes a little creepy! This is the first time I’ve been to your blog and I definitely plan on coming back.

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