Ten Things I Love Sunday: Shoe Edition

I think it’s fair enough to say I have eclectic taste. Oh well, I love them all!

1. T.U.K. Shoes – You’ll Knock Em Dead

These heels really pop! What’s not to love about Cherry Veneer and cute demon ladies?

2. T.U.K. Shoes – Belle of the ball

Black and white vintage inspired peep-toe ankle strap heels swoon.

3. T.U.K. Shoes – Starlette Collection

I love the funky edge of these heels. And the color combo is awesome. Love!

4. Iron Fist Shoes – Lacey Days Platform

Come on? Skulls, bows, straps, oh my!

5. Need Supply Co – Jeffrey Campbell Elma Neat Cut Out Flat

These are really cute flats. They would be perfect for summer. I love heels, but I hate wearing them if I have to walk or stand a lot, haha, so cute flats are a must.

6. Need Supply Co – Jeffrey Campbell Benched Cut Out Platform

These platforms are INSANE. I wonder how they feel when you’re wearing them? I bet they’re actually kind of comfortable in a strange way… Forget arch support though…

7. Need Supply Co – Jeffrey Campbell Banshee in Coral

Simple flats that you can just slip on. Perfect.

8. Ellips – Amélie

The color is just amazing.

9. Ellips – Annette

I love the tear shape cut out near the heel. Cute.

10. Ellips – Aneth

I LOVE all of Ellips’ shoes. I’d be happy to own any of them they are so cute and colourful.


One response to “Ten Things I Love Sunday: Shoe Edition

  1. Greeeeeeeeat Blog Love the Infomation you have provided me .

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