Ten Things I Love Sunday: Etsy Edition

1. Venetian mask veil in black – Ava Ray London

This woman and this photo is so striking I couldn’t help but fall in love with this Venetian mask. What a beauty! I bet something like that would be fun to make. Not too complicated…

2. Findings of a Voyager – DKIM-ART

I’ve been a fan of Dan-ah Kim’s art for over a year now. I can remember where I came across her, someone’s blog I think, but I would love to own an original. It would probably cost me an arm and a leg, so I was really excited to find her prints for sale on Etsy. No one buy this one! It’s mine as soon as the funds transfer to my Paypal account.

3. Wellington – Lavoro Designs

Love these earrings!

4. Star Wars Mini Dress – Rusty Cuts

It’s a Star Wars dress! What else is there to add? I first came across this shop through A Beautiful Mess, and I actually prefer the model that Elsie is wearing, but it was no longer available in the Rusty Cuts shop, but they have tons of other cute summer dresses.

5. Octopus Necklace – 4 Ever Chic

I love this giant octopus necklace, it’s so bad ass. Sigh, just another item on my wish list.

6. Three Layered Flying Birds Necklace in Gold – Shlomit Ofir

Came across this on A Beautiful Mess (again). I love it! It really looks great when worn, which you can see here.

7.  Brass Key Shaped Pocket Knife  – Contrary

Contrary has a bunch of pocket knife pendants: mermaids, guns, dragons, etc. I want one, but it’s soooo hard to choose.

8. Santa Muerta Day of the Dead Art – Nightshade Studios

I really dig this mini painting! I also really like this print from the same shop. The print would be cheaper, but there’s something about owning an original painting, and this one is actually affordable.

9. You have a Bug on your Jacket – My Selvaged Life

I really like this bug pin. Too bad it has already been sold. Sob.

10. Steampunk Plague Doctor Mask – Geahk Burchill           

I’m really digging this new Steampunk trend. I didn’t even know it existed until just a little while ago. Sooo cool. Love it! Plus I dig masks. That’s something I would like to get into making one day.


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