Easy Restyle Project! With Buttons!

I dislike clothes that require special care. Dry cleaning? Meh, I throw it in the washer anyway. Lay flat to dry? I’ll think about it. Hum, come to think of it this might have something to do with the short shelf life of my clothes. I’m always loosing pairs of things: earrings, mittens, etc. Don’t even talk to me about keeping track of buttons that have mysteriously disappeared.

My mom bought me a pair of cardigan/sweaters last year when I got a new job. I haven’t even had them for a year and they’ve already started looking dingy. Maybe, I should have listened to those “hand wash” instructions. I wasn’t all bad though, since I did sort of lay them flat to dry, on one of those wooden rack things. Apparently, I left it too close to the floor, because my cat, Monkey, seems to like chewing buttons off my clothes. Especially, those sweaters. So after having washed them, defuzzed them and delinted them, I found myself missing a few buttons.

Monkey looking at me with disdain for accusing him of button mischief.

I went to the fabric store to find replacement buttons, but them I figured why not infuse some much needed quirkiness in these sweaters, by replacing the buttons with something new and a little less blah.

Original buttons.

I looked at the button selection and selected a few options and then narrowed it down to two choices: clear buttons with gold detailing, and leopard print buttons. I wasn’t sure. Leopard print was a trend a little while ago, and it seemed like an obvious choice. The lady at the cash said she preferred the clear buttons with gold detailing, and those are the ones I went with. Even though I’ve already sowed them on to the sweater, I’m still thinking about those leopard print buttons. They did look good, but the ones I went with do have a certain old lady charm.

New buttons.

Changing the details on a item of clothing is a quick restyle project. You can add some funkiness to any plain cardigan by changing the buttons. Don’t know how to sow on a button, it’s rather easy, and you can check out some instructions here or here.

Old buttons next to new buttons, with cute donkey necklace.


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