Birthdays, Presents, Etsy, Oh My!

 Anatomical Heart: Billy Blue 22

It was my birthday just a couple weeks ago. I turned 30! Spring is a month full of birthdays: my mom’s, a couple friends, my brother, etc, and mother’s day. I love getting people I love gifts that I know (or hope) they will love. I invariably get something I would love for myself, but giving something you love to someone else can be just as pleasurable as getting it for yourself.

I did most of this years present finding on Etsy. I also discovered they have a craft supply section. Oh my god, love!

Soaring Heart: My Selvaged Life

I got this sparrow necklace for my friend Amanda. I originally wanted to get the anatomical heart (pictured above), but it was just slightly out of my price range. I think this pendant is aptly named: soaring heart. Amanda is all heart and I thought it was particularly fitting. Check out her latest blog post, Last Night We Were Delicious Wolves,  at The Covetist, and you’ll see what I mean by she’s “all heart”.

Satin Finish Raven Skull: Moon Raven Design

I got this baby for my friend Jonny King (drummer for The Illusion and the Dan Currie Band). When I got it in the mail, I wore it for a day. It was hard to let go off, but I knew it was the perfect gift.

Boombox Moleskine Notebook: Black Bird, and Peacock

I also got him this little baby from Etsy. I love Moleskine notebooks, which usually come in a solid colour without patterns, but you can find a bunch on Etsy with cool ass designs on them.

Starfish Pendants: DIY Closet

Remember the Etsy craft supply category I mentioned? I got these starfish pendants to make some necklaces with. I plan on getting a lot more craft supplies from Etsy when my back account permits.


4 responses to “Birthdays, Presents, Etsy, Oh My!

  1. Sigh! Such prettiness!

  2. Jonny

    Easily one of the coolest gifts I ever got to get. This blog is killer!

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