What I Got Up To This Winter

Last winter my laptop broke (twice) and I was offline for a couple months. Since I could no longer blog, I found myself with all this free time on my hand, and started crafting A LOT. Here are a few things that I made.


I had never beaded before and I made this completely by hand without following a pattern. I should have checked out a book from the library (old school) or googled beading techniques, because I made it much harder and longer on myself than necessary. I beaded every single bead individually, which is not the way to go apparently. At first, I wasn’t happy with the orange color, but I love these. They’re meant to be worn in your hair, but could easily be stitched on to a dress, jacket, or anything you would like. I’m really proud of my first attempt at beadding and will definitely be making more beaded hair pieces. They’re just lovely.


I’ve been knitting on and off since about the age of ten. I never really learned to knit anything besides scarfs until my twenties when I picked up a copy of Stitch and Bitch (great book if you want to learn how to knit). Even though I can knit more than just a scarf, they’re still my favourite, so this winter I knitted lots of scarfs (they made great x-mas presents) and cowls, as well as a toque (which I had to unravel and start over THREE times).


I’ve been making paper cranes for a long time. They say that if you make a thousand origami cranes you will be granted a wish. In Japan, you traditionally give a thousand paper cranes as a wedding gift to the happy couple to wish them a thousand years of prosperity and happiness.

I learned how to make them with my father when I was a kid from one of his crafting books. It’s still the only origami design that I know by heart. Although, I did really get into making frogs this year. My origami skills made me quite the hit with my students when I was subbing last winter. EVERYONE wanted to learn how to make one. They also make great stocking/gift/letter stuffers. Oh! and great christmas tree ornaments.

Check out the slideshow:

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5 responses to “What I Got Up To This Winter

  1. Wobblinbetty

    These are all quite amazing works! I’m impressed, especially by the origami. xxx

  2. Nice! I’m always impressed by people who can knit because I don’t have the patience and people who can do origami because I just get confused and angry when I try!

  3. snow701028

    I like zen(禅),but I first heard of origami is a zen of practice.it is very interesting。ps:I am from china.

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