Sources Of Inspiration

A skirt maybe?

When it comes to art finding a good source of inspiration is often key. In fact, I would go as far as saying that inspiration is key to life. If you can’t find the inspiration to wake up in the morning there’s really not much for you to look forward to when you eventually climb out from under the covers. The good news is that inspiration is not that hard to find. Feelings are the go-to driving force when it comes to creativity, but harnessing those feelings into an aesthetic or into something that makes sense is, for some, a more strenuous second step.

A petticoat!

Every how-to book will tell a writer to read, a musician to listen to music, a painter to immerse themselves in the art of others. In theatre, a scenographer or costumer will read the play, the source, and then search for the spark. That elusive thing that will drive you and forge your concept into something tangible. Where you look for that spark is entirely up to you. It can be a word, an image, a tune, a person or even something as ambiguous as an experience you’ve once had. But from there, from somewhere, anywhere, an idea starts to grow and like anything that grows you feed it until it reaches maturity.

A dreamy sun umbrella!

While watching the BBC series Planet Earth, I couldn’t help but find inspiration in almost every scene. So many shapes and sounds that could so easily be translated into patterns and designs. I found jellyfish particularly inspiring; the fluidity of their movement was reminiscent of, just that, movement. The movement that a well designed dress will mimic when worn by a woman walking down the street.

Something silky to be worn at night!


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