A Well Tailored Outfit

Dresses from Pinup Girl Clothing. Love them!

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I recently wrote a blog post about camelflage: a new type of underwear (patent pending) designed “to smooth out your feminine parts”, but what I’d like to bring to your attention is Liz’s thoughtful comment on the subject:

The whole concept of panties that would conceal the camel toe is kind of a waste of money. What we should be promoting is the wearing of clothes that fit nicely and are comfortable. I don’t mean, like, tucking and slimming and shoving and concealing but a well tailored outfit is hot and avoids all the awkward pitfalls of things like bulges and cameltoes.

I don’t think anyone would argue against her there, but finding a well tailored outfit is easier said than done. The clothes that are easily available to the average consumer don’t exactly fit to measure. Even the people who are “privileged” enough to have the kind of body that allows them to enter any store with the confidence in mind that they will be able to find something in their size, still have to contend with jeans that will ride down or underwear that will ride up.

It is my opinion that higher end shops offer clothes that are better structured to fit the average female body, because they sell to a different crowd: mainly, older women who can afford to pay the price. The conclusion here is that older women, and by older I mean women who are past the age of twenty-one and have actually acquired womanly curves, have, just that, womanly curves and thus need clothes that fit properly. Trendy shops don’t carry anything over a size twelve, while affordable plus sized shops start at a size fourteen. Unfortunately you’ll have to arm yourself with patience if you want to find anything remotely stylish among the racks of shapeless and elasticized frocks and slacks.

Long gone are the days when tailors and seamstresses held court in the back of stores ready and able to alter or adjust any article of clothing to your liking. I mean, they still exist, they’re out there working out of dry cleaning stores, but who has the time anymore for an extra stop or another task to had to the list. Besides, once you’ve bought something you want to get it home and bask in the glow of your new purchase. The last thing you want to do is look through the yellow pages, find a seamstress, and wait a week or two before being able to don your new dress.

My point? I’m no longer sure, I feel like this may have been a long tangent, but if there’s one thing I would like you to leave with after reading this is that “a well tailored outfit is hot”, and that perhaps, I would like to see a return to the old days when quality, affordable, and stylish weren’t mutually exclusive concepts. A world where maybe people wouldn’t consider it such a chore to slow down and indulge in quality over quantity.


2 responses to “A Well Tailored Outfit

  1. Liz

    You know, I totally get your frustration. I mean, I can safely say I fall into a pretty easy size to contend with in that I’m slim. But I’m not slim like most stores say I need to be slim in order to fit their clothes properly and the crappy fabrics they use don’t do much for the figure either.

    I might be going out on a tangent here but think about how we make clothes today – outsourced sweatshop labour. In fact, you’ll find the same factory producing $2oo nikes and their cheap knockoff counterparts, just to give you a sense of what I mean here. (Remember when sweatshops were like the biggest issue in the 90s? It’s not like it got any better. Why doesn’t anyone care anymore?)

    Anyway, I digress, the point is, to have clothes as cheap as they are to keep up with the season, most stores cater to a really specific demographic, one they insist will be fair to most women.

    Understandably that is why tailored clothes are so expensive but other loopholes exist – like learning to sew yourself or shopping vintage or getting over the new-object factor in a purchase and waiting it out. The latter is kind of tough cuz it sort of takes away the thrill of a new purchase but then again maybe that’s part of the problem because there it’s the act of shopping that brings pleasure rather than maybe having a unique look that is practical and well fitted.

    Oh shopping.. I can’t afford anything these days so I’m rocking the nonchalant hobo look, which conveniently involves no tailoring at all.

    • Miss O

      I thinks that’s why a lot of people are learning to sew, altering vintage clothing, etc, to have better quality clothes. There’s also a strong sense of satisfaction when you create something yourself. And it’s fun!

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