When I Grow Up

When you’re a kid you dream of being something when you grow up, and more often than not you change your dream of what it means to be an adult as the seasons change. Maybe you wanted to run away and join the circus (I know I did), maybe you liked animals and thought of being a vet, a fireman, or maybe even an astronaut. What ever you dreamed of, the point is that you dreamed.

You may say that I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one
 – John Lennon 

You dreamed big or small, it didn’t matter, but you loved the prospect, the adventure of figuring it all out. I did want to join the circus, my dad even built me a trapeze in the basement, and when I wanted to be an author my two best friends and I started to write a book, which end up being an exact copy of a novel (the name of which I forget) that we all loved. During my “I want to grow up to be a designer” phase we (my two best friends and I) took crayon to paper and drew a world of outfits the world had never seen.

I would grab a pile of white paper, cut it up into smaller rectangles, and staple them together to make little note books (this was before zines, but after books). The “models” we drew had horizontal sausage noses, and arched shaped eyes. The same variation on a theme, the only gender difference you could find were eyelashes drawn on the girl “models”. Each booklet featured one face, each page a new outfit you could superimpose over the same body.

I’m definitely grown now, but I keep on dreaming of new things to become. A variation on a theme, a new adventure for every day.


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